Founded in 2016 by an anonymous collective, PERVERZE is a fashion project based in Tokyo. We introduce a few key pieces from their SS20 collection.

From: PERVERZE official website


PERVERZE was founded in 2016 by a collective of anonymous creators such as photographers, editors and designers in Tokyo.


PERVERZE refers to themselves as a “fashion brand and project,” and their outputs range from clothes to a variety of other expressions such as photographs and illustrations.


In November 2016, immediately after the launch, PERVERZE did a pop-up event with the legendary Japanese street style magazine “STREET” at Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore, rather unique choice of location for a clothing line.

They also produce photographic works with photographers from all over the world through a project called “PERVERZE PHOTOGRAPHY”, stretching the notion of “fashion brand” beyond. Last year, with much anticipation, PERVERZE started expanding its presence to overseas. Starting off with the launch event at Assembly New York, the iconic NYC  boutique, PERVERZE is now available in shops around the world.

From: PERVERZE official website


PERVERZE pays respect to the pre-mass production era vintage wears from the 80/90s and elaborate them into modern wearable designs.

Their pieces are unmistakable with oversized silhouettes, bald yet carefully hand-damaged hems and simple designs with a twist.

PERVERZE’s unique aesthetic, marring a touch of punk and grunge essences with sensible moods, is widely popular.

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Through their “PERVERZE PHOTOGRAPHY” project, PERVERZE co-create works with notable photographers and host an exhibition at Paris Photo, the largest photo art fair hosted in November every year in Paris, and publish photo books.

From: PERVERZE official Instagram


At Paris Photo in 2018 , they hosted the exhibition “THE GODZION’S WAY”, with a London-based photographer Toyin Ibidapo, who has shot for magazines such as Dazed & Confused, The Face, CANDY, SSAW and 10 and created campaign visuals for brands such as Alexander McQueen. Ibidapo shot figures in PERVERZE clothing at her west London house and created a personal collage with her own poem.

From: PERVERZE official website


In 2019, PERVERZE collaborated with a Paris-based visual artist Sunny Suits and created a visual book “The Life Before Us”. Suits, who has studied photography under the legendary photographer Nan Goldin, shot figures in close vicinity in PERVERZE clothing, including artists Dani Sciciliano and Paul P, the transgender icon Joey Gabriel and Nan Goldin herself. These books are available at 3-9-12 HIGASHI.


Not only does PERVERZE design clothing that can be worn in day-to-day life as a streetwear brand, but also creates many works of art with creators as a fashion project.


We have selected a few items from their Spring and Summer 2020 collection below.


Crash Midi Cardigan

(28,000 yen + tax)


One of PERVERZE’s most iconic pieces, this crash knit cardigan is oversized so can be worn instead of a jacket in early spring.

This season, in addition to the usual white and black, we have them in pale green.


Cotton Rib Half Pants

(18,000 yen + tax)


Cotton Rib Pants, another popular items from PERVERZE, are now in below-the-knee length.


Available in black, gray, orange and aqua.


Slit Double Long Dress

(28,000 yen+tax)


This slit long dress has two layers, a cotton fabric and a see-through mesh, and is reversible.

The mesh side has a bald slit, making it a stand-out piece even when worn on its own.


Available in white and gray.


Text and Edit Lisa Tanimura

1. 4. 2020.


1. 4. 2020.