Paradox Yard.

“Paradox”. When innovation and tradition, order and chaos, shadow and radiance coexist in conflict.

Tokyo too is flowing with paradoxes.

However, it is thanks to these multitudes of polar extremes that this city continues to fascinate all of us. Through the act of fusing paradoxical values, we feel a sense of discomfort, and our preconceptions are called into question. Contained within the paradox is the yearning to resolve these uneasy and solidified ideas, and to exist alongside them.

“Yard”. Not just any field of grass can be called a yard. As if painting on a blank piece of paper, plant vegetation, place stones, build a pond; all located in a space very close to where people go about their daily lives. Do it so that every single minute detail is weighed out, harmonising the special features of each individual object, making a beautiful space whereby everything draws out the best of everything else. Like a space where people would find it fit to take a moment to relax.

A yard is only ever made complete by the hands of people. It is an extremely humanistic space with all sorts of different things mixed in together.

Through the beauty born from the harmonisation of conflicting properties, I hope this space becomes a place that sparks within people the birth of new values.