The Japanese brand LEINWÄNDE lets you find the perfect additional piece for your wardrobe. We spoke to the designer about the SS20 collection.

From: LEINWÄNDE official website


With the aim of creating “an additional piece for a grown-up’s wardrobe”, LEINWÄNDE was born in 2017 in Japan.


“LEINWÄNDE” is a German word for “canvas”. This reflects the designer’s wish for the brand to be freely interpreted and fitted into creating people’s own styles just like drawing freely on a canvas.

From: LEINWÄNDE official website


The designer, who is now based in London and has studied fine art, creates pieces of clothing that resemble art pieces with collage-like knitwear using baldly matched different materials and abstract cutting. Also, the designs of the designer, who grew up in the countryside Japan surrounded by rich nature, have comfortable feels and skin flattering earthy tones, therefore can be worn in day-to-day lives, matching baldness with comfort.

From: LEINWÄNDE official website


Careful creation is also at the core of LEINWÄNDE. Knits woven in a way that increases the endurance and the silhouettes are less likely to be lost after washing, dresses featuring luxurious linen material made in Japan. These pieces will last lifetime.


The items like high-waisted trousers and dresses with belt so that you can fit it to your body shape also reflect the brand’s mission of creating body figure complimentary items.

From: LEINWANDE official website


In Autumn/Winter 2019, LEINWÄNDE co-hosted an exhibition with artist Saiko Otake, who studied at Central Saint Martins and has held exhibitions in London, Singapore and Taiwan.


The drawings which were inspired by LEINWÄNDE clothing feature curvy figures celebrating the beauty of female bodies.

From: LEINWANDE official website


This season, they co-hosted a photo exhibition “Unconventional Figures” together with a London-based photographer Takanori Okuwaki.

With the theme of  capturing “uncategorized women”, Okuwaki shot three iconic figures: Mari Agatsuma, who walked runways in Paris in 1970s and became one of the pioneering Japanese models in Paris Fashion week, multi-talented Sayo who is a model, photographer and art director and travels around the world and Natsumi Seki, who was a fresh face in Milan collection in FW20 and is now also challenging herself in other fields, having graduated from university recently.


We had a special occasion to ask the designer what her favorite pieces are from the Spring and Summer collection.


-Could you please tell us your favorite items from the SS20 collection?

“I recommend the pieces with detailing at back like the sleeve-only blouse, the satin onesie and the long shirt.


Belted Sleeve Shirts / Orange (18,000 yen+ tax)
Satin Overall / Black (30,000 yen + tax)


-What are the things that you really worked hard on for each piece?

“I designed in a way so that people can enjoy layering these pieces with items from their existing wardrobe, not just showing off their skin, so I used drawstrings and ties as an accent.”


-Are there other items that you recommend?

“I would like to introduce two more items. The shape-changing skirt with drawstring detailing and the sheer pants with hanging tapes that can also be tied around like suspenders.”

String Dungaree Skirt / Gray (25,000 yen + tax)
Pleats Balloon Trousers / Gray (18,000 yen + tax)



-What things do you value the most when making clothes?

“Despite the small collection, I always try to come up with ideas that can be arranged into however the wears prefer because we each have a different taste in things that we like.”


Text and Edit Lisa Tanimura

1. 4. 2020.


1. 4. 2020.